Semantics Phillumeny means collecting match boxes and match box labels in particular. The word originates in "philos" (friend) and "lumen" (light).
How it started I can remember two situations in my life, which may be the foundation of my collecting activity. When I was young, I kept my lost milk-teeth in a match box from Saudi-Arabia. This box is still in my collection. The other event was a flee market during my studies in Munich. There I bought a box from the former Czechoslovakia, just because it looked so nice. I still have this one, too. And finally, somehow the boxes got more and more until today.
I'd like to start a little voting here. If you like, you can mark the match box you like most and then voke by clicking the button below. I'm curious about the results.

Which box do you like most?

Allianz.jpg Allumaroc.jpg Altstadt_Jeddah.jpg Asien_1.jpg Asien_2.jpg Best_Matches.jpg Canopy_Bar.jpg China_Seide.jpg Davidoff.jpg Edeka_Hanseaten_Kaffee.jpg
Edelweiss.jpg Fabelwesel.jpg Golden_Cameos.jpg Haegar.jpg Hardanger_Fjord.jpg Haushaltsware_3Pf.jpg Haushaltsware_5Pf.jpg Hjelpestikker.jpg Hofbraeuhaus.jpg Japanese_Fine_Art.jpg
Lion.jpg Moskau.jpg Muenchen_Frauenkirche.jpg National_Geographic.jpg Naumanns_Raeder.jpg Oben_ohne.jpg Olympia_72_Handball.jpg Pepper.jpg Prinz_von_Hohenzollern.jpg Pumuckl.jpg
Saekerhets_Taendstickor.jpg Safety_Matches_Omnibus.jpg Shinkar_and_Binzagr.jpg Solareldspytur.jpg Sonne.jpg Spiegel_Zar_Boris.jpg Swan_Vestas.jpg Tabaktrafik.jpg Taend_Stikker.jpg Tante_Julia.jpg
TBT_Bus_Service.jpg Venezia.jpg Welthoelzer.jpg World_Wildlife_Fund.jpg
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Credits Some people supported my collecting activities in special ways. I'd like to thank them here:
  • Andrea Holzner: While I just started collecting as a student, Andrea stopped doing so and gave parts of her collection to me.
  • Trina Borenstein: She also stopped collecting and offered her boxes in a special internet newsgroup on "collecting". I contacted her and in turn she really sent me a little parcel from the US containing about 400 match booklets.
  • Claudia Götz: She gave me the collection of her grandfather, who had died. His collection contains a lot of very old box labels. This is probably the most valuable part of my collection.
  • My parents, brothers and sister: They regulary have match boxes from holidays or business trips for me.
  • Nicola Fritzsch: She did a litte research in the archives of Gemi-Verlags (publisher of two collector journals "Trödler" and "Sammler-Journal") and found some interesting articles about phillumeny.
  • Freya Akkerman: She studies(studied?) "Museumskunde" and had to do a work on "inventory and documentation". She asked me about my collecting habits and in turn sent me that part of her work covering match boxes. I found some interesting facts about philummeny in her text.
Links Here you can find further information on phillumeny:

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